May 3, 2009

Age is irrelevant!

In March I blogged about Park Springs, a 62+ retirement community in Stone Mountain, GA.
So did the Atlanta Journal Constitution* , shedding more light on why Andy Isakson got petanque going there.

Being so close, I had to pay them a visit and - I can assure you - it was an unforgettable experience.
The terrain has an irregular shape that fits well in the surroundings, large enough for 3 games, with several benches and a perfect surface.

Nine of the regular (Tue & Sat) players joined in for a chat about the history and traditions of petanque, and then we played two games.

What a surprise!! The overall level was excellent, but the two deans, Stephanie and Bernie, respectively 92 and 95 years young, were beyond all expectations and totally creamed my teammate and me with their pointing. If I were looking for an excuse I could blame it on the Riviera Party in Buckhead the night before, but there's no need. They were just better at concentrating and "dosing" the throw. Careful, gentle, measured. Unlike some of the superbly witty comments that were flying around on the court and cracked me up!

Timing was perfect, because just as we stopped around 4pm for a cold drink (on the adjoining, covered terrace!) a major thunderstorm broke out. Fine with us. We chatted for another hour, and then headed for the beautiful indoor pub, in time to watch... Mine That Bird win the Kentucky Derby!

To Ena, Katherine, Myrtle, Stephanie, Bernie, Bob, Floyd, John & Tom, a sincere word of thanks for the wonderful welcome.

And cheers to Andy for integrating petanque in this and future communities.

* that's one more newspaper for our list !

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Wow. 92 and 95 years young. That's great.