April 26, 2011

NYPC - New website

New York Petanque Club has a new website. With beautiful graphics!

And together with La Boule New Yorkaise, they started a new initiative:
Player Rankings for the season.

An excellent idea, taking into account the results of your matches, wherever they're played.

Petanque TV

Markus Viktorsson in Kristianstad, Sweden, has launched an internet TV channel, called Petanque Exclusive.
They travel to major tournaments in Europe, so you can see them live, but have also accumulated footage from old championships that are worth watching. An archive, so to speak.

Membership is 36€ / year (abt U$52).
You can see some trailers for free, at Petanque Exclusive.
We wish him luck with this new initiative!

UPDATE 2011-05-07: Please read the review in the comments below.

April 19, 2011

Shoppers from Canada

This is the time of year when thousands of snowbirds drive back home from their winter in Florida. We sent out flyers to RV resorts to alert them that Amelia Island is only minutes from I-95 and thus a convenient stop to shop for new boules, ànd discover a place they usually speed by.

These past weeks we've welcomed visitors from various northern states and Canada, in all sorts of vehicles. This one, driven by Gilles and his wife Sophie broke the record: a Freightliner truck with a 38 ft trailer!

Lovely people, and very happy with their new petanque gear. Cheaper than in Canada, by the way :)

April 18, 2011

Boules collection

Rainer and Meike in Lauenau (just west of Hannover, Germany) have, over the years, gathered what is probably the most complete collection of boules ever made or available today.
The list starts with the group "Antique Boules" followed by the 20 different brands. Impressive!