September 26, 2010

Open 2010 Team updates

Registration is now closed.
It is possible a few spots open up due to cancellations. If you want to go on the waiting list, please email.
Sep 26
- IL, AL & GA, for a total of 23 states.
Sep 6
- WV, NJ & MA- only a few spots left.
Sep 2 -
68 signed up, 23 announced. We're almost there!
Aug 29 - 55 teams formally registered. 25 teams announced by mail or phone. 6 single players looking for a teammate.
Aug 23 - Ohio and Louisiana
Aug 18 - 40 teams and counting.
Aug 10
- New York & New Mexico
Aug 5
- Texas
Aug 3
- One more state (Maine), plus the first confirmed teams from Quebec, Canada!
Aug 1 - We're now at 25 teams, from 11 states. If you haven't yet, register here. Airlines are coming up with "Fall fares".
July 24
- Things seem to go much faster than last year. As of today, 16 weeks before the tournament, we already have about 20 teams from 10 states signed up.

September 5, 2010

Wyoming Open 2010

Our friends in Jackson WY are preparing for another Open tournament.

The invitation is crystal clear: come and have fun!

We were hoping for one or two Wyoming teams to come to Amelia Island in November, but there's an unexpected clash in travel plans.
But we'll definitely see them on a next occasion!