October 14, 2012

Radio Bleu Provence about petanque in America

At the occasion of the World Championships in Marseille, they wanted to know how petanque is doing in ... America (in French of course).

Great people to deal with. What struck them most is how we promote the "icebreaker" spirit of the game, i.e. that folks who have never met can be high fiving, even bantering and hugging, within minutes.

The 30 min interview, by phone from Amelia Island at 3:00 AM EST, was edited and cut into 5 x 3 min. segments, then broadcast one a day, Monday to Friday Oct 1 to 5.
Here they are, in five mp3 sound files:

Part 1 - petanque in America, how and why.
Part 2 - the USA team in Marseille, the PA Open,and new friendships.
Part 3 - the links with petanque and Provence, and making friends.
Part 4 - about Fernandina Beach, old Florida and its French heritage.
Part 5 - more about the Open, and the "everyone plays together" formula.

Some of the dates in the history of Petanque America got mixed up in the editing, but it doesn't affect the story.