August 2, 2013

Les Invincibles - the movie

The first movie ever in which petanque is more than a sideline. With famous actors such as Gérard Depardieu, Edouard Baer, Atmen Kelif, Virginie Efira and more. A comedy, to boot, which will hopefully make it even more appealing to the general public.

The plot:

In the south of France, North African immigrant Mokhtar Boudhali, better known as Momo, makes a living with menial jobs and by hustling boules games for money with his best friend, coach and mentor, Jacky. The announcement of a major international petanque tournament, organized by a celebrity, will change Momo's life forever, as it could give him the fame he deserves and always dreamed of. But he first has to come to terms with himself, and face prejudice as an outsider. Thanks, in no small part, to Caroline, the girl he meets in the process, he succeeds. A friend, passion for the game, ànd love make him invincible.

Let's all hope this movie becomes a box office hit!

And kudos to Marco Foyot, who coached the actors during the shooting, summer of 2012.

Trailer # 1
, the typical sandbagging scenario:

Trailer # 2, when Momo has become a star:
(not yet on YouTube, hence the commercials...)

EuropaCorp, the movie's producers