April 19, 2007

Upcoming open tournaments

These are open to any players.
The more the merrier.
Even beginners. Aren't we all?

Sat April 21 - Aiken, SC - 1:30 pm

more details

Sun May 6 - Lakeway, TX - 11:30 am
more details

Sat June 2 - Chicago, IL - 10:00 am
more details

April 14, 2007

Anyone in New Hampshire?

From Sandra in Wolfeboro, NH:
We have just moved to Wolfeboro New Hampshire and were wondering if you knew of any petanque clubs in the area? We just learned how to play while in Florida this winter and would like to keep up with it.
Thanks, Sandra

Boules A petanque

Got this 1932 village festival poster from a friend in Eyragues (between Arles & Avignon).
Of course one of the activities for the day was a boules tournament.
The text is very interesting from an etymological point:
"Concours de boules à petanque". Today everyone would say "boules de pétanque". But "à petanque" reflects the original meaning: "à pieds tanqués" or "feet fixed", thus simply put "standing still". To stress that they were not playing the traditional "boule Provençale" that day.
Today it would be the other way round!

April 12, 2007

Anyone in Cape Cod, MA?

From Ric in Cape Cod:
I'm looking for players in the Upper Cape Cod area (Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich), either established or just wanting to put together a friendly game. I'm new at it, been practicing in my back yard. Marvelous game. Contact Ric Gerace, 508-495-6875.

Tournament in Aiken, SC

On Sat April 21, the Atomic Boule Club will hold their annual spring tournament for doubles teams, at Citizens Park.
Everyone welcome!
Picnic is at 12:00 noon - bring your own food & drinks.
Play starts at 1:30pm sharp, so come earlier to register.
Registration $ 5 per player.

Further info: aikenbouleclub@inbox.com

Mapquest map
City of Aiken Visitors Info

Some souvenirs of 2006:

April 11, 2007

American Salute to Pétanque

With the festivities coming up in July we were looking for an original idea to show the people in La Ciotat that the Pitiot brothers' legacy is alive and kicking this side of the Atlantic as well.
How about presenting them with a photo album of people playing in all 50 states?
We know an awful lot of players, but to approach them individually would take months...

So we made a proposal to the Federation of Alliances Françaises in the US: we donate a free set of 8 boules to each chapter (there's at least one in every state) that organizes a pétanque picnic this spring and sends us a couple of pictures of their get together.
Thanks to the folks at AFUSA the mailing went out this week, and the first replies came in today: Honolulu (Aloha!) and Kansas City, MO. Only 48 more states to go!

Update 04/12:
San Francisco, CA - Detroit, MI - Gainesville, FL - New Haven, CT - Grand Rapids, MI (only 44 states to go)
Update 04/13:
Tucson, AZ (only 43 states to go)
Update 04/16:
Lynchburg, VA (only 42 states to go)
Update 04/21:
Norfolk, VA (still only 42 states to go)
Update 05/02:
Charleston, SC (only 41 states to go)
Update 05/04:
Omaha, Nebraska (only 40 states to go)
Update 05/06:
Charleston SC & Louisville, KY (only 39 states to go)
Update 05/09:
Toledo, OH (only 38 states to go)
Update 05/14:
Buffalo, NY
Woodbury, CT
Dallas, TX (only 36 states to go)

Petanque Centenary

2007 will be celebrated as the 100th birthday of pétanque and festivities are being prepared in France.

June 2nd has been declared the official Journée Mondiale de la Pétanque.

On July 13, in La Ciotat, there will be a re-enactment of the first game of Jules Le Noir at the café of the Pitiot brothers, followed by - surprise! - an apéritif, and then the finals of one the 2007 Masters tournaments.

La Ciotat, a simple fishing village in those days, has another claim to fame: it's where in 1895 the Lumière brothers shot their famous 50 second oeuvre of a train arriving at the railway station: L'arrivée d'un train en gare de la Ciotat , generally considered to be the first motion picture in modern history. The public showing of the movie in Paris apparently scared the hell out of some audience members.

And several famous ocean liners were built there. Now it is a popular repair facility for mega yachts.

As to why all the signs around the boulodrome in La Ciotat state 1910 as the birthday of pétanque? We'll get back to that later.

(originally posted Dec 16, 2006)