March 13, 2008

Petanque in the US press

When I mentioned the Sun-Sentinel article last month, I had only seen the online version. A friend just mailed me the original and now I realize it was almost 2 full size pages of the weekend edition.

Thanks to the reporter, Thomas Monnay and the editor are certainly in order. With a circulation of abt 340,000 it's the 37th largest paper in the country.

As usual, when I see figures, I like to put them in perspective, so on the right is the list of the 100 largest US dailies, with a yellow highlight for those that carried a major article about petanque in the past 2 years. Only 91 more to go ;-)

Please check if I missed some. And if you have a copy of an old article lying around, please send it to us to scan, and we'll send it back.

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