May 4, 2009

A blast in Austin

Arsene was so excited about the success that he texted me a quick report last night, just hours after the event ended. I added some links and the pictures that followed today:

I am proud to say that the first tournament organized by Heart of Texas was won by the club itself and the beautiful cup that Thierry Amisse made will remain as a trophy in Austin, TX until the next tournament. The GOLD: winner representatives of the club were Amine Najah and Arsene Dupin. There's so much to say about today and how organically the tournament came together, so the first thing is to say Thank You to all of you who came and participated and everyone's support whether you were there or not. Also, one of the major contributors to a magnificent success today was -the Weather It didn't rain on us during the entire tournament in the midst of every weatherman predicting rain today. I think because of the goodness of those smiling faces coming together to one of the greatest games on this planet, the heavens opened up the sun for us People came as far as San Antonio 4 teams of great players one of them took SILVER : Michel Costa and Patrick Lanchais, both great French executive chefs at Frederick's restaurant and two other members also from H.O.T., Jacques and Spiros Petratos (Restaurant l'Aquarelle) took BRONZE. We had 2 great referees Rick Armstrong and Jerome Potts. What a great day!

18 teams, wonderful setting, nice weather, and some gastronomy to top it off. What else do you need?

Escargots prepared
on the spot!

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