August 22, 2011

St Tropez -1958

Sophia Loren & Carlo Ponti, having fun playing petanque:

Just like Elke Sommer and Robert Mitchum. Timeless!

August 21, 2011

PA Open 2011 - Teams update

Sep 19:
Registration is closed for now. You can email us to go on the waiting list, in case a team cancels.

Sep 12:
127 teams, and one more state (WV).

Registration will be closed any day, and we'll open a waiting list.

Sep 9: 118 teams, one more state (OR) ànd at least two players flying in from France.

Sep 3: 106 teams, one more state (CO) ànd a team from Belgium.

Aug 29: 97 teams, two more states (NM & IL).

Aug 23: 85 teams, one more state (PA) and two teams from the Netherlands.

Aug 22: 10 more registrations today, and one more state, New Hampshire.

Aug 21:
with almost 3 months to go, 72 teams have formally signed up, from 13 states. And from Canada, Germany and Israel. At this pace, we will easily reach the target of 128 teams by end September.

August 11, 2011

Petanque, a people connector

Here's a short interview of Matt Curtis, Communications Director for the City of Austin, TX. He plays with our friends of HOT Petanque. I've watched it several times and find it striking how he conveys the essence of the game in roughly 90 seconds. No wonder he's in communications!