September 29, 2005

Tournament Poster

Our posters are ready and we are sending them out all around the country.
The image is a scene from our Bastille Day tournament in Brooklyn last July.

Feel free to print it out and post it anywhere pétanque players can see it!
Low resolution JPG (259 Kb)
Hi resolution PDF (853 Kb)

September 9, 2005

Michigan Petanque Club Challenges Detroit Petanque Club

Last night I (Jeff Widen - D.P.C.) received a phone call from Joe and Ken (Michigan Petanque Club) which amounted to a bit of a challenge. They claimed that they could easily beat our team and made the point by putting up Joe's OBUT Super-Cou boules as DPC's prize if we won.

Now I'm sure Joe was NOT in his right mind when he made that challenge. Especially since those particular Super-Cou's were a beloved gift to him. But -- I'll give him a chance to retract (exchange) the prize under the clear light of day.

Let's look at the situation: I practice on a surface close to Miami's terrain (Renaissance Petanque Terrain), 5 days a week - every week. And play petanque 6 maybe 7 times a week. Joe plays 2, maybe 3 times a week -- and never on Miami-esque surfaces. Ken is playing with new boules which he's not used to. His throwing will be way off. Don and I will be using our tried and true bronze Integrales. November 12th & 13th will be interesting.