March 18, 2010

Tour of Florida

Carolina pétanque "ambassadeurs extraordinaires" Gary & Shirley have been hopping from one pétanque club or RV resort to the next throughout Florida, while NC was snowed under several times.
Some resorts have strange "local" rules that take time to get used to, but as Gary points out: "Do as the Romans do..."
Here you see Shirley meeting with "the locals", many of whom are actually from far away themselves, like the northern Midwest and Canada.

Plenty of pictures and stories about their discoveries on the Carolina Petanque blog.

March 13, 2010

Indoor petanque

Spring is in the air, but for those of you who still cannot venture outdoors, or are below the equator, remember the indoor boules are a great way to train.
We brought in a lot of them by ocean freight, allowing us to offer them cheaper than what they're selling for in France.
Actually a lot of the items we sell are less expensive than in Europe. Blame it on the Euro vs US$ exchange, and our commitment to promote this wonderful game.

Of course, you can also purchase a Louis Vuitton version, at $ 2,460!

Portland Bouligans on a roll!

With Facebook, Flickr, and the like, it has become so easy to see who's playing where - and when - that blogging has become almost obsolete!

Look at the Bouligans today, in Portland , Oregon.