January 31, 2011

Bambini in St Tropez

Here's a beautiful little commercial for Krytik, an Italian clothing brand for kids. Filmed in St Tropez, at the same Place des Lices where Karl Lagerfeld was entertaining his fashion friends last summer. Great colors, crystal clear - especially in HD -, and cute music.
Only one little (round) thing is missing :)

Maybe the guys & gals from Conestoga HS chould go over there and give them some tips!

January 20, 2011

Petanque America Open - movie trailer

Our friends at UBK Studios in Chicago have prepared a trailer! The full version is expected early March.
Nice shots, and great sound. To enjoy it fully, watch it on YouTube, in HD, and full screen. Just click on the YouTube logo.

January 9, 2011

Petanque: good for your wallet

A central Florida newspaper ran an article today about how baby boomers are getting more frugal every day. Taking nothing for granted anymore, they watch every cent they spend. The article has some interesting statistics, worth a read.

Highlands Today - Jan 9, 2011 - Affording retirement

With a photo of petanque! No surprise here: petanque is by far the cheapest form of outdoor entertainment. A set of 3 boules is all you need, good for years and years of fun. The cost per game works out to a couple of cents. Nominal when compared to golf, or bowling, or tennis.

By the way, Tanglewood in Sebring has eight beautiful courts, that are used constantly. And every year there are new petanque converts. Here's my report from 2006.