August 19, 2010

Petanque's got swank

This has been a great summer for petanque in the press.
To spread the word faster, I post them on Facebook as I see them.
Last week the Globe and Mail published an article with a nice slideshow about Paris Plages.

But the big "carreau" came today when Associated Press ran a story that got picked up by thousands of news outlets worldwide. Emma Vandore (based in Paris) looks at the game from an international angle, from Manhattan via Paris to Bangkok. Here's how it appeared today in the Washington Post.

French bowling? Yes, petanque's got swank.

Some papers may have used it only on their online version, not necessarily in the print copy, but still, it's a great addition to our Petanque in the US Press saga.
Sincere thanks to Emma Vandore for the interest.

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