August 10, 2010

Petanque in America - a movie!

When I saw the short documentary Ludo in June, I liked how the game was presented. The camaraderie, the cheerfulness, combined with top quality photography, editing and sound.

The Open in Amelia Island will be the perfect occasion to capture this same spirit, on American soil, in English. Players from at least 20 states and beyond, who drive or fly in to meet, mingle, play, and have a good time. We will also use some footage to make a short but nice "How to play pétanque" tutorial.

All elements are in place, but UBK Studios needs help with funding.
We invite everyone in the English speaking world who loves pétanque to pitch in.
Do it for the game. Thanks in advance.

Petanque / UBK Studios site

PS: After posting the above, it struck me: though we don't mind mailing the same old DVD's about pétanque, in French, from Florida to the four corners of the world, isn't it time to move on to a next level?

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