October 21, 2009

"Just drop it." - " Where ???"

A sitcom writer could not come up with a more implausible story.
On Wednesday morning, David had this gorgeous court - compacted and all.

To make sure it would fit nicely into the surrounding lawn, he ordered a truckload of soil, and grass sods. The pétanque court would look like it had been there forever.

"Drop the dirt around the new sand area" was the message. Loud & clear.
The truck driver was either deaf, blind, or both - but this was the result this afternoon:

Smack on top of... the pétanque court. It was so unbelievable, they all cracked up.
Many hours later, David, Bryan, Jason & Co were still shuffling dirt.
Actually - I felt so bad about the whole story - I went to help them.

More to come!

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