October 24, 2009

Ladies at the Open

So pleased to note that 1 out of 4 players (around 40) will be ladies.
From Erin McTaggart who's flying in from Sonoma CA to Isabelle Rakotoarvielo, arriving from Madagascar.
Some have played the game all their life, like Gisèle Lich from Hopewell VA and Josse Krauer from San Francisco, who both grew up in France. Others, such as Shirley Jones from Lexington NC or Nancy Banks from Tallahassee FL picked it up in recent years, but are as 'gung ho' as anyone else.

Unfortunately we'll miss the US National Women's team that will defend our colors in Thailand that very same weekend. But we'll cheer them on from here!

Read FPUSA's summer newsletter: Women players in the USA

Traditionally in France, the guys play all day, and then go home for dinner. In the US, guys & gals play together, and then go out for dinner ;-)
But - as I posted in 2005 - things are changing!

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