October 17, 2009

First home court on Amelia Island

David, one of the very first people I met in Fernandina Beach, and now a dear friend, has been fascinated by this odd game from day one.
Very competitive - an avid golfer and bowler - he's been asking questions and trying it out on the beach for months.
Yesterday his son Bryan called me: "Stop by the house, Dad has a surprise!".

David and Jason, one of his neighbors, were fighting it out when I arrived.
Believe me, I have seldom seen such precision at a "beginner" level.
When Jason told me he's been a baseball pitcher for 13 years, I understood.

With a small truckload of crushed limestone, treated 2 x 6's and stakes, a shovel and a rake, they'd set up the court in a matter of hours.
Today they're going to compact it and it will be perfect.

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