July 6, 2009

Back in Florida

That's it. Early June we moved office and inventory to our new warehouse in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island.

I got a lot of help from Josh (Carolina Petanque), who has a natural knack for smart packing and stowing, ànd a lot more muscle than me. A blessing.

As with any move, you lose things, and you rediscover things you didn't remember you had. That all took some time to sort out.

We now have everything we need for a smooth operation: a huge amount of shelf space, easy truck access, proximity to JAX airport (we use more and more airfreight for faster service) , the Port of Jacksonville, UPS and the post office. Last but not least, only a mile from the beach ;-)

Our move got picked up by Amelia's news website. It's great to feel so welcome in a new place.

Unfortunately, during all this activity, blogging stayed on the back burner...

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