May 28, 2009

Cannes, this year

Life Magazine has pictures of the annual Jorge Gallegos Boules Tournament, during the film festival.
Look at the fancy blue woven ribbon along the borders. It is certainly not to protect the wooden beams, nor the boules. Maybe to prevent boules from bouncing back into the play area? Or just to make it look pretty?

Life Magazine


Jeppy said...

Actually Philippe, those aren't woven ribbons, but actually thick ropes. Woven as such, they provide a great bumper for boules which would otherwise make loud bangs everytime a boule hit the wooden boundary.

I've never been there, but I've seen those woven ropes in other photos (closeups).

Jeff W.
Detrot Petanque

bhorn said...

yep, I was just going to say sound as well...while the sound of boule hitting boule is beautiful, boule hitting board is quite grating

Virginia said...

More photos of pétanque á Paris coming up this week on my Paris blog!. I"m linking to your blog.