May 28, 2009

Petanque in .......

Earlier this year I noted that several boules orders went to the same street address in Dulles, VA. "Great", I thought, "time for another marker on our map".

Yes, but not in Virginia. The State Department uses overseas city names for street addresses to simplify the huge flow of correspondence that transits through their services. And thus the pétanque enthusiasts in this case are not in Virginia, but in Mozambique!

Pétanque players at our Embassy in Maputo have regular weekend meets with colleagues from other Embassies and international organizations. Apparently the Deputy British High Commissioner is quite an aficionado. Often the French Gendarmes contingent has the upper hand. Honestly, I would let them win too (once in a while), when I hear that they usually bring goodies like saucisson and pâté!

Many thanks to Brendan (USAF) for the pics!

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