May 27, 2009

Jardins du Luxembourg

Virgina in Paris posted some delightful pictures while she met with players in Paris' foremost public petanque locale: the Luxembourg Gardens.

The people she played with hailed from Martinique, Spain, Portugal and "the hexagone".

I love the coat rack!

Paris through my lens


Virginia said...

WEll I am so flattered that you included a photo from my blog. Actually I am from Birmingham , AL, USA and here for 3 weeks! The men I chatted with and photographed were absolutely delightful. I enjoyed including the "mini series" of their photos on my Paris blog.
I hope I reported correctly regarding your game. Correct me please if I am wrong.

Petanque America said...

Call us when you get back. There are a couple of folks in Vestavia that want to start a pétanque group.
With what you learned in Paris you'll fit right in!

kevin said...

I was there in June 2007 and a nice gentelmen hung up my jacket for it was so nice


Anonymous said...

I'm in Birmingham, AL and would enjoy getting people together to play Petanque and forming a local club. Mark

Virginia said...

I"m no player, just a zealous photographer. Call me you B'ham folks if you want some photos taken!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the difference in quality between the cheap boules and the standard ones? Just a beginner here - and don't want to invest lots of money - but looking to have some fun. Are they the same weight, etc?