May 24, 2009

Mayo Boule-Festival 2009

Next weekend the people of Boulebar in Sweden are holding their annual petanque festival again. A 4-day event with various one-day concours (singles, mixed, veterans, ...) and parties that briefly turns Stockholm into the pétanque capital of Europe.

Very smart, they start off on Thursday with a demonstration / intro for the general public to explain the game. Thanks for the tip, we'll do the same in Amelia Island. I don't speak Swedish, but from the reactions of the public you can conclude Daniel Gillan does a great job:

Mayo 2009

Sweden is definitely one of the countries were pétanque is "in" among the younger generations.

"A new kind of boule, a new kind of bar":

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Mayo Boule Festival said...

Thank you fore your big words about our festival. Hope you follow our blogg fore the comming festival 27-30may 2010.
Best regards Maria Tofftén