January 3, 2007

Indoor clubs (2)

The Swedes are a step ahead with adopting petanque as indoor entertainment, just like we have pool halls and bowling alleys.

The people of "Boulebar" manage two boules halls (with food and drinks) and organize petanque parties, with catering and all, wherever you want.


These are the same folks who organize the annual Mayo Boule Festival in Stockholm, mid-June. Originally it was called "La Mayonnaise", a humorous reference to La Marseillaise.
In 2004 Sweden had around 7,500 registered players, making it # 9 in the world. Very impressive for a country of 9 mio, where the climate can hardly be called Mediterranean. Maybe that's exactly why they're so innovative!


Jeppy said...

So what type of funding will we need to set-up a boule-bar here in America?

Petanque America said...

An old barn or factory building, and a bunch of volunteers to fix it up.
Or an entrepreneur who sees the potential :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest in Boulebar. Best Pétanque-greetings from Stockholm.
/Folke at Boulebar