May 5, 2009

Age is irrelevant # 2

Just back from playing with my nonagenarian friends in Georgia, I discover the petanque world is all abuzz over Ms Maria Vidal, the 105 year old lady from Pibrac - just west of Toulouse.

Although she's been playing with family and friends all her life, it wasn't till last month that she applied for a formal players license at the local petanque club and was immediately declared the most senior player in France. The club will file an application to get her in the World Records book as well.
In an interview she confided the secret of her longevity: "Always keeping busy, always inquisitive about what goes on around me" continuing, with a smile "always a glass of wine with meals, and I only eat the crust of bread."

See her at play on YouTube
(where she admits Ricard is on the menu as well ;-)

Funny how in all the articles they push the clock forward to 106. Maria will actually turn 106 in December.

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