April 15, 2009

Surrealistic boules

Part of the collection of Philadelphia's Museum of Art is a famous piece by French-American artist Marcel Duchamp."Etant donnés" is a tableau of a waterfall with of a nude woman and a gas lamp, hidden behind a monumental door. Two little peep holes (well worn as you can see) allow you to discover the scenery he concocted in secret for 20 years, while telling his friends he had given up art for chess, his second passion.

In 1994, Bay artist Paul Kos decided to make a "male" version for the
di Rosa Art Preserve in Napa CA, with the appropriate name "Zizi Va !"

Again, one needs to peek through the door to see the surprise.

Go ahead, click on the door ---->

Here's a previous post about Paul, who also has (at least) two passions: art and petanque.

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