April 16, 2009

Petank Party

For the diehard petanque + internet fans this may be old news, but since it came out during my "blogger sabbatical" I had not posted it here yet ..

In October, UFO Games in Lyon released Petank Party for PC, followed by an Xbox 360 version in December. The animation is top class, the controls are very intuitive and the sounds quite realistic (apart from the giggling). And you can customize sound and other effects all you want.

The BEST part is that you can download a (75 Mb) working demo version for free. It has a few limits (like you can only play in the Provençal villa, nothing wrong with that..) but it gives you an excellent feel for the game. Last night I spent an hour getting my ass kicked by an alien. I'll return the favor tonight.

And if you like the game, the full version costs only $ 9.95.
That's a very fair price for hours of entertainment on a cold or rainy day.

Petank Party

The reviews on expert gamer sites are quite positive as well.
"Chapeau bas" to the team at UFO!


Anonymous said...

I downloaded Petank Party onto an XBOX 360, and it is catagorized as a community game so it must be played online.

The game is pretty good. The price makes it worth the purchase.

There are several different pistes and characters to choose from. You might also like the number of different style boules available for selection.

There is a pure petanque mode and a magic ball mode where one of your throws consists of a magic ball that is selected via a slot machine method. I was skeptical of the magic ball mode at first, but was very surprised at how fun it was.

This is a game I would reccomend to people who are able to play XBOX360 Live, otherwise I would suggest the PC option.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Game.
Just in time to sharpen my skills for the Summer ( the off season)


Dusty Lens said...

Thanks for sharing this find to play on the PC. Great fun!