April 14, 2009

Off topic

Once in a while something comes along that you just have to share. Probably you've seen it already. But if not .. :

On Friday, Susan Boyle, a 47 yr old lady from Blackburn, Scotland was virtually unknown outside her town. Single and unemployed, she took care of her ailing mom for the better part of the last decade and sang in church, and as a hobby.
On Saturday night she appeared on the opening show of "Britain's Got Talent". Barely 72 hours later, thanks to YouTube, she has made millions of people cry (or at least blink very hard) around the globe.

Here she is: Susan Boyle (YouTube)
Crank up your speakers!

Music trivia: in "Les Misérables" it was the character Fantine who sang "I dreamed a dream". The entire soundtrack of the musical was composed by Claude-Michel Schönberg.
Anyone who lived in Europe in 1974 will remember Schönberg from his slow hit song, that made dance floors look like the couples had frozen up, forever, "sur place" ;-). Another classic:
Le Premier Pas - C-M Schönberg
That record was produced by the man who launched Schönberg's career and became his close friend: Franck Pourcel, a true Marseillais who loved his regular games of "boules" ... We're back on topic.

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Stringdude said...

Thanks Phil. Love the musical angles too as you know. This one is great because of the person singing it, crystal clear and very convincing. Nice connection that one to Frank Pourcel who I met a couple of years ago on the Caribbean Island of St.Maarten when we did an interview with him for our TV show called "Whassup-St.Martin". Love Petanque as well as with the Summertime on our doorstep, I will love to play it on our Amelia Island beaches