April 17, 2009

Petanque with dice

Last year, Editions Dujardin (makers of the famous "1000 bornes") came out with a petanque board game in France, "Pétanque aux dés", with round dice. I haven't had the chance to try it out, but a set is on the way to us to check it out, and possibly work on a translation of the rules.

To launch it, Dujardin shot a couple of short video clips of Patrick & Manu, two fanatic petanque players who are always ready for a game. But the weather can be so uncooperative!

Rain and thunder is frustrating. Especially when the caddy du jour (their nephew) walks away with the umbrella.
How about mistral, the violent wind in the South? At least you can read the paper until the caddy reports back on the score. Manu wins the second game on a 2.4 kilometer distance, but the caddy refuses to hang around for "la belle", the tiebreaker.

Maybe better to play indoors?

And thàt's when they came up with the board game idea...
Anytime, anwywhere.

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