January 9, 2009

Less - and more - boules

Every year the French boules manufacturers make some changes to their range, and 2009 is far from an exception.
Because 80 % of all boules sold are in a pretty narrow range (and inventory charges being astronomical) the sizes & weights that are considered "standard production" have been further reduced. I guess it also reflects the general tendency towards lighter boules.

A few highlights:

Obut 120RL: a lot of people love the "waffle iron" but I suspect not so much in Europe, so it's been discontinued. But we still have around 30 sets in stock and CX Cou by La Boule Noire is now available in a very "busy" pattern as well.

Only the regular Obut Match boules are still available in 740 grams. All others stop at 720 or 730. ATX and CX Cou can still be special ordered up to 800 g.

Very good news for our lady clients and for our friends in SE Asia: your numerous requests have been heard. 71 mm has become a "standard" size in Obut's Bi-pôle, Match+, 115 IT and Match. We're preparing an order to be fully stocked in 71's well before the spring.

We're updating our store and I'm preparing a downloadable PDF listing all varieties to make the choices easier. Any specific questions, do not hesitate to call!

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