January 11, 2009

Petanque in Utah

Brett in Logan started a blog to document the travails of his new court. It looks like winter temporarily halted the fun but I'm sure there'll be many pleasant petanque parties in Logan in the spring!

This blog is about building my Petanque Piste! We've recently moved to Logan UT, where my wife is a Professor of French at Utah State University. We bought a small house, with a nice yard. On the back side of the house, there's an area where we weren't sure what we should do with. We were looking to avoid watering it, and we wanted to add something interesting to our yard, that we thought we'd actually use during those beautiful Cache Valley summer days. My wife's grandfather had a Petanque Piste in Menton where he lived before he passed away. Christa remembered many happy summer days with the adults drinking pastis and playing boule. So I told her I'd give it a try.
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PS: since 2000 we have shipped to around 100 addresses in Utah. That's not bad for a state with a population of less than 3 mio.

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