January 7, 2009

A boule in my soup!

So sorry there are no English subtitles, but this is the story line:
The customer calls the manager to complain about a boule in his soup.
The latter immediately checks if there's also a 'cochonnet' (target ball) in the pot which he feels would be a lot more dangerous. None to be found. His dramatic description of what an ingested cochonnet can do to one's innards leads the customer to think he actually did swallow one. But the manager puts him at ease: because if that were the case, the gentleman would have had other priorities than to make a scene about a harmless boule, like a spoiled child. He carries on and on to the point where the hapless customer, relieved, turns all apologetic about having had the balls to complain about such a trivial occurrence, a harmless boule. 
He actually refuses to have the soup replaced...
Last phrase by the manager: "Quel métier!" as in "Look at what you have to endure in this profession!" 

The scene is from TV Palace, a popular 1988 comedy series on France's CanalPlus about absurd happenings in a fancy hotel.

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