July 7, 2008

La Boule NY in Marseille

Although FR3 refers to a so-called"Tous les résultats" page, I haven't been able to find one.
The website of La Marseillaise (the newspaper that organizes the tournament) has a lot of pictures and articles, but no results...
But thanks to Boulistenaute.com we just found out that both Alec Stone Sweet (playing with his Marseille friends Marco Gouast & Grégory Caumel) and Xavier Thibaud (playing with Belgian champions Dédé Lozano & JF Hémon - a.k.a. Tichon) made it past the 6th round and will tomorrow go into the 32th finals. That means they are among the remaining 64 teams out of 4324.

Way to go guys!!

If you wake up early tomorrow Tuesday ( 4am EST ) you may (repeat may) be able to catch them on the live feed of FR3 , at http://video-direct.france3.fr/player.php?id=226

Update July 8:
Boulistenaute reports that Alec's and Xavier's team have been eliminated today, as were several other international teams, such as Italy, Spain, and the last remaining Madagascar team.
Update July 8:
for the record, they both won in the 32th finals, and then got eliminated in the 16th. Which means they reached the last 32 teams. Bravo!
Results are now available here (right column, halfway down)

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