July 6, 2008

Marseillaise videos

France3 also has a page with videos (in French, of course) .

Sorry we cannot embed them, so...

Click on the logo above, then click on "les vidéos" and then pick from the list. The Obut video ("Secrets des boules") is a must, even if you don't understand the language.

Les Fadas de la pétanque about the 2007 edition.
45 ans de Mondial - 45 year retrospective
Micro trottoir - street interviews "Should pétanque be an olympic sport?
La Fanny de Battezanti - an interview with the sculptor of wooden Fanny's *
Les secrets des boules - a visit to the factory of La Boule Obut

plus the explanation of 6 boules terms: cochonnet, carreau, nari, Fanny, mène and artilleur.

* Fresno Petanque Club has one!

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