December 6, 2006

Holiday season started up

To our regular readers (we do appreciate your visits!) - apologies for the lack of blogging.
Just after Thanksgiving we got another container full of balls in from France, plus almost daily airfreight boxes with special orders for the holiday season. Unloading, unpacking, sorting.. a lot of late nights.
We now have balls coming out of our ears, so to speak.
There is a clear increase in interest this season: several people have called who discovered pétanque while traveling through Europe this summer.
A charming lady from Kansas for instance played along the Rhine river with her tour group and wants to continue right here. Cartons with boules are going out to almost every state, from Vermont to California, from Washington State to Florida.
We're very happy to have discovered the flat rate priority mail boxes from the US Postal Service. It helps lower the shipping cost for folks on the West Coast, even more so in Hawaii & Alaska.
Last but not least, my 1966 Velosolex arrived as well! Can't wait to try it out... once all the boxes have shipped.

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