December 6, 2006

Indoor petanque

They arrived this morning, just in time for the Holiday Season.
Soft pétanque, or "pétanque molle" in French.
We quickly opened one of the cartons and tried them out.
It's fun! The same exact swing and mannerisms, same arguments, but without the noise or broken tiles.

The Pétanque Molle website has lots of video clips.

Now available in our store.


Anonymous said...

can't see it being popular here. What about the clink of metal on metal and the wind blowing at 100k's an hour across the piste and the crunch of crushed lime or shell underfoot. Nah, give me the real thing anytime!
Graeme Burnard

PetanquekaohsuingTaiwan said...

Well I just bought two sets and can't wait to get them,it will be fun playing in my Bistro on slow nights
it's just another way to have fun
Regards , kevin

Anonymous said...

I received my set this week and they are terrific. My daughter and I play in the house!

pierre said...

I just discovered it on Bastille Day 2008 Celebration at Brooklyn's "Provence en Boite" restaurant on MacGraw street and Smith Street and I just ordered a couple of those sets to start. Love the regular game, of course, but with those you can play anywhere, anytime and specially indoor on a rainy, stormy day, or on the road in the hallway of a hotel, on sand at the beach or where-ever you want !! Great idea (Specially if you have Kids wondering around -they can learn how to play too, even the youngest ones !!)