November 26, 2006

Petanque in Winston-Salem (4)

We had a great afternoon again in Miller Park, with several newcomers: Danny & Sue (all the way from Salisbury), Aaron, Tom and also John & Marissa who played every day last year when touring Provence.
Gary had arranged for superb summer sunshine.

At one stage there were 17 players so we used 3 of the 6 available courts.
The newcomers play better every time.
At this rate we can maybe start thinking about a Piedmont Triad petanque club next spring!

I made some group pictures, saw them briefly on the camera, and then the memory card went completely dead!! My revenge was to dissect it, to no avail. At least now I know what they look like inside.

Next meeting:
Sunday Dec 10, at 1:30pm, at Miller Park

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Jeppy said...

I read in the LaBoule NewYorkaise that one of their top players, Khalid, is moving down to North Carolina. He qualified for the 2006 World Championship Tournament in Grenoble (but had a few paperwork problems).

So, you may be gaining a great petanque player really soon!