October 29, 2006

Petanque in Winston-Salem (2)

Bright sunshine, snacks and cool drinks, and 10 eager players: just what we needed for another enjoyable afternoon.
The City Parks Department finished up the courts this past week - now 6 in all.
Gary, the ideal tournament director, had brought his magic dice to compose the teams.
Sue performed intense dance steps after each good throw, thus quite frequently!
Bob provided excellent background music, from blues to country, to 80's rock. Who knows what else he has in his vintage VW van!
An airport cab delivered Josh direct from GSO so he wouldn't miss out.
Todd & Jenn who happened to pass by joined in and did extremely well from the first throw. Actually if not for Todd yours truly would have been creamed.
Lovely to see Adrian (10) teaming up with Gary (..) - average team age 29!

Weather permitting we're all on again for Sunday Nov 5, at 1:30pm, at the same place.


Gary said...

Many thanks to Phillipe for his promotion of petanque in NC. Hope to see the game grow over the next couple years.

Also, thanks for his generous calculation of the average team age when I play with a ten year old partner!

Gary Jones

Jeppy said...

It looks like North Carolina will soon be the National Champs. 6 new courts? That's Boule-Tastic!

Jeff Widen
-Detroit Petanque Club

Juan said...

Great Job Phillipe!, I can't wait for one day show up to play in North Carolina, it looks like everyone had LOTS of Fun.