February 14, 2006

Bringing players together

One of the most common questions we get is:
"Do you know other people who play pétanque in my area?"
We've had a message board up for many years, but with all the spam robots out there less and less folks are willing to put their e-mail address up for grabs. Rightly so.
On the other hand, we have a database of thousands and thousands of people who have purchased boules from us (thank you!!) over the last 15 years. BUT, we have - and always will have - a strict privacy policy. No name or address goes out the door.

What we can do is the following:
Say you are looking for players in Louisville, KY. You let us know. We send a message to all our clients in the 402.. ZIP code to ask if anyone else is looking. Whoever replies positive, and with their permission, we put in touch.
Call it a dating service for petanque players.
It involves extra work, but we all know petanque thrives when small groups are formed.
And isn't it a shame that there may be someone three blocks from your home playing in his/her backyard as well, yet you'd never know it from each other?


Anonymous said...

Great idea Philippe, our club is always happy to bring other players out to our piste, experienced or not... they're always welcomed!

And I don't mind giving out my contact info, just give me a shout if you'd like to play anywhere in lower Michigan...

Joe, Michigan Petanque Club

Jeppy said...

Hey not so fast Joe, I want top-billing on all of the new interested petanque players in lower Michigan!


The DETROIT PETANQUE CLUB and the MICHIGAN PETANQUE CLUB welcome anyone interested in playing boule.