February 15, 2006

Fou de la pétanque

or "Crazy about pétanque"

Portland Petanque Club in Oregon beat everybody to it.
Here's a report from Philippe Agnesse about last Sunday's event:

We came up with the name for this tournament because we thought we would be playing under cold wet skies this early in the season but that certainly wasn't the case.
Sunny warm weather greeted the 6 teams of doublettes that played on Sunday. We played a round robin format with each team playing the other 5 teams which made for a full day of play. There was good competition and camaraderie all day long and at the end of it all we all enjoyed ourselves thourouly. Nice prizes awaited the top 3 teams including trophies, t-shirts and bottles of cider. The results were as follows:
1st Place - Joe Cortright and Van Wolfe
2nd Place - Pierre and Philippe Agnesse
3rd Place - Roy Ford and Mark ?

Philippe Agnesse
PPC Secretary


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Mr. Agnesse! Looka likw you guys had some great fun... we'll just stand envious here in the Michigan snow! :(

Joe, MPC!!!

Jeppy said...

Hey Joe... let's not just stand around jealous of Portland's winter-time tournament... let's do something about it!

I heard that in Germany, they have metal (perforated) tubes that sit atop candles, which heat the boule which rests atop the tube.

Philippe should market those kits!