January 11, 2006

New petanque blog in Japan

Aoyama Petanque, an informal group of of petanque enthusiasts are proud to announce their debut on the Web with this blog. For more information on this group of keen petanque players in Tokyo, ... read more

Good luck to this new group! And thanks for making the blog bilingual, so we can follow the developments.

FYI Aoyama is a well-known area in Tokyo, with many French cafes and restaurants. It is a nice place to stroll and gaze at the chic boutiques on a sunny afternoon. And obviously now also to play boules.


青山ペタンク said...

Thanks for introducing our blog to the petanque community in America.

We'll do our petanque-wise best to live up to the image of your chic description of Tokyo's Aoyama area ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from you! I'm here in Michigan in the U.S., and as you may know, petanque info across the globe flows VERY slowly... Philippe has done a great job in getting this BLOG site together to help us all communicate, and I look forward to sharing stories and keeping in touch with you and your group in the future!

Joe Zajac, president
Michigan Petanque Club

fassetta said...

good morning,we have a petanque's team.
the name is:team leca petanque
our site is:www.petanque-team-leca.com

we organise stages for enterprise or players.we would like an action with the japon for the petanque.
our mail is:christophe.fassetta@free.fr

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