January 11, 2006

Petanque Magazine

Petanque Magazine is thé French reference about petanque events of the preceding year. All French major tournaments, regional & World Championships, it's all in the 84 pages of glossy pictures, results and reviews.
Guess what! They dedicated a full page to our Petanque America Open. Definitely a première.

Here's is a JPEG of the page you can click on - until we upload a more legible PDF file.
Thanks very much to the editors of Petanque Magazine for putting us in the spotlight.

if you'd like a copy of the magazine, just email us your address and we will have one sent to you.


Tom van Bodegraven said...

Congratulations to the organizers!

Anonymous said...

So where you order that magazine

Anonymous said...

That would be nice to find out how to order that magazine... We or I should look into making a U.S. translated version... Let me know,

Anonymous said...

How do you subscribe?

Anonymous said...

Is that Joe Zajac of the Michigan Petanque Club? And is he watching the game - or the ScoreGirl?

He's such a rascal!

Anonymous said...

I found a few postings on the boulistenaute.com web site that refer to it. The gist of this one by "blaireau" (badger) is that it is put out for free by OBUT. You can order it direct using this contact info, but I don't know if they ship internationally for free.

.House Organ de la Société OBUT
.42380 St-Bonnet-le-Château
.tel : 04 77 45 57 00
.Email : commercial@labouleobut.com
.ou directement à Mme Aline BONNEFOY : tel 04 77 45 57 17

From the States, dial 001-33 and then leave out the first zero in the number. :-)


Mark from Richmond

Anonymous said...

Oops. It's 011, not 001. Never learned to type.

Petanque America said...

I spoke to Obut and they will mail it to anyone interested.
Just email us your address and we will transmit the list to them.