September 10, 2009

Petanque in Wyoming

There must be some sort of petanque virus in Wyoming these days!

Over the past months, several boules shipments went out to America's 10th largest, but - with only around half a million inhabitants - least populous state.

It started with Wilson, then Teton Village, followed by Jackson. A couple of phone calls later I understood that Clark and his friends in the Jackson area have started to play together on a regular basis and are having a ball.

Then there's also Riverton, where Bernard and friends are developing the "Wind River Petanque Club". The first meet will be the "Riverton Open" on September 13. To learn more about this beautiful area, have a look at this book - Wind River Country

Below are pics of the Riverton terrain. Notice the clever homemade rake to smoothen the play area: two galvanized pipes, with a piece of chainlink fence.
My next "mission" is to get the Jackson and Riverton folks to play together. Only problem: in Wyoming the distances are huge!

Update Sep 13: Hurrah - the first connections have been made (see comments below). I hope some of those resoundingly named teams will fly in for the Open in November!


Bernard said...

We can't wait to know the players from Jackson and to organize a Jackson-Riverton game!

Bill said...

We'd enjoy arranging a match. We have 6 teams here in Jackson Hole and are nearing the end of our first annual Adams Invitational Petanque Tournament. The teams are: Fall Creek Boule Frogs, Pay-Tonk-Sters, Great Boules of Fire, Rolling Thunder, Spring Creakers and Les Chauds Lanceurs. The Championship Game will be played at Spring Creek Ranch on September 27. If you're in the area, you are welcome to stop by.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful courts! Everytime I see a new court I think: "That's the ideal set-up" ... and then someone comes up with a new one that I like even more.

Jeff W.


bonsoir de FRANCE, Bernard, Bénédicte m'a dit à la vue des photos du jeu de boules, "ce n'est pas un terrain de boules mais un aérodrome"... Ceci étant si le marché prend au USA tu connais mes qualités de commercial et compte tenu de la proximité des fabricants des meilleures boules au monde je veux bien me positionner sur les rangs. amitiés.

ps tu peux leur laisser penser que je suis noble...

Jules Lenoir said...

We are gradually gathering more information about petanque in Wyoming for the American Petanque Directory. See the page for Wyoming --