April 29, 2009

Petanque in Orange County CA

Veronique and her friends of Orange Accueil in Irvine get together with their boules once a month for petanque and hold their annual tournament in June.
I just got the film of last years' event. They're having a blast!
Kudos to Marc, le cinéaste, for the special effects and his choice of music(*).

Video Clip

(*)French folk, playing petanque in S California, on the music of Gloria Gaynor in a Dutch remix by Hermes House. How more cosmopolitan can you get?


Carolina Petanque said...


How do I prevent your video from playing every time I want to check your blog?

Petanque America said...

You're right - it's plain video without control buttons. I changed it into a link for now until we can fix it.

Christopher said...

What park do you play at?

Anonymous said...

When and where do you play in OC?