September 15, 2008

Order no. 10,000

As I saw our internet order numbers getting close to the 10,000 mark this weekend, I figured we ought to do something special. It doesn't happen every day (or year - for that matter). How about giving a nice discount? Order numbers are assigned automatically by Yahoo, our internet store provider, so it would be a complete surprise for the customer and us alike.
It "rolled in" earlier this evening: two sets of competition boules - 120TR & 120RL - for Berlin, New Hampshire. I didn't recognize the name, but I did remember Berlin, NH from last year. And indeed, the gentleman had ordered several sets from us before. A repeat customer, to boot. Let's call him right away.

I sort of felt like Ed McMahon - before his foreclosure troubles that is.
"Good evening, is Francis available?"
"He's busy right now, who's calling?"
"It's Petanque America - he just placed an order with us."
"Oh, it's about pétanque? Then I'll call him right away!" That's a good sign, I thought.
"Hello Francis, I wanted to let you know that - since your order is # 10,000 we'll deduct $100 to celebrate."
He couldn't believe it. And then we started chatting, for almost an hour. Because he's passionate about pétanque. Frank (his day to day name) has been playing pétanque for at least 20 years. In Québec, where they have family and discovered the game, and more recently - since he retired - also in Florida and Arizona. If it hadn't been for unexpected car trouble, he would have been at the Ricard Tournament in Québec last month! And he was in NC in April but somehow forgot we are now here, and no longer in Miami. In other words, our paths have almost crossed in the last 6 months, but we had never spoken.
Yep, that's the big disadvantage of an internet boutique.
But it won't be long before we get together for a game. And he insisted he will bring the Ricard!
It's nice to play Santa. And I'm very happy Frank was # 10,000.

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Jeppy said...

Happy 10,000th Philippe!