September 17, 2008

Lakeway Open - October 5

On Sunday Oct 5 Lakeway Petanque (west of Austin, TX) is holding their 3rd Annual Autumn Tournament.

Format: Doubles (teams of 2 players)
Registration: $ 20 per team

Click here to register


Carolina Petanque said...

I think it's suspicious that the Austin,Texas, players seem to always schedule their tournaments to be a week or two AFTER we are due to head back to the Carolinas. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Arsene: So when are you guys going to have to go back?

Shirley: We can only stay a few weeks this trip.

Arsene: Gee, that's too bad! We were thinking of having a tournament the very next weekend after you leave.

Anyone from HOT (Heart Of Texas) petanque care to respond?


Andy said...

Dear Carolina friends - y'all missed a fabulous day of wonderful weather, challenging boules and great Texas friendliness. Maybe NEXT year, OK? Regards, Andy from San Antonio