August 4, 2008

La Boule Rose in the press

The "ink" is hardly dry on my post about Seattle, and the virtues of neighborhood petanque (as in how lovely it is that folks can walk to their playground), and here comes the Northwest Examiner (Portland, OR) with an article about La Boule Rose in Jamison Square. The same basic ingredients.

People walk by, get intrigued, one of the players explains the game and bingo. Shaughn and his friends will probably put a boule in your hand even before you had the time to ask a question!
One extra feature of Jamison Square: several terraces to walk to for a drink or something to eat.

Thanks to the reporter for mentioning - twice - that petanque boules are hollow.

French game catches on in Jamison Square - PDF - p. 16 & 17

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