June 22, 2008

Kiwis coming to California!

Close to 24 New Zealand players are expected for an extensive visit to California and its numerous pétanque clubs.
Starting off with a big party on July 5th at VOMPC Sonoma, co-hosted by La Petanque Marinière in San Rafael. Then down to Oakhurst where they will be staying at club members' homes, and then all the way to Los Angeles.

What a great way to travel!

Read more on the Oakhurst website.

If you're in that area, join in for one of the competitions to see how they play down under and meet a bunch of cheerful folks.

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NZPC Editor (Tom) said...

It is truly fantastic to see the attention this is given on your websites. We will all be following the news from the USA. This a such a great opportunity to establish a lasting friendship between our respective petanque communities. Go well Kiwis!!

If anyone has a couple of images of the various encounters, I would love to recieve some via email; usabilitynz@gmail.com