June 21, 2008

Wrong balls!

The bocce/petanque mix-up saga continues:

Stephan from Jupiter sent me an article from US Airways' magazine about bocce. Nothing wrong with the text, but how about them balls! Up close you can actually see the Obut logo.

Couldn't let it rest so....

"I just wanted to let you know that several pétanque players alerted me that your otherwise excellent article had a photo of pétanque balls, not bocce balls! The brand we import, to boot.
Like an article about tennis, with a badminton net as illustration.
I immediately realized it's not your fault. Most likely the editor bought a stock photo that was tagged "bocce". And indeed, I discovered many of the photos at Comstock & Jupiter Images need to have their tags corrected."

The swift reply:
"Thanks so much for your email, and alerting me to the photo issue. You are right, I didn't chose the photo. My job ends with the writing of the piece, then the art is chosen by the editors. I'm forwarding your email to the editors, to alert them to their mistake."

To all of you who have time on their hands (wishful thinking ;-) , whenever you come across image sites with wrong labels (aka "tags"), do send off a quick note to correct them.

US Airways Magazine - May 2008
Comstock - source of the image

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