May 25, 2008

Live video from Detroit

And they continued until 5:20pm and reached the target of 48hrs!!
Congratulations to all participants and organizers.
In the first place Joe & Jeff who have spent months to make it happen. Good night(s) to all!!
They did it, at 9:10 am!
40hrs 10min. Now on to the 48hrs

Even if there is no signal - the "chat" function works. That's where we all talk. Please join in!

Aux spectateurs depuis la France: laissez un petit mot d'encouragement pour les joueurs dans le "Chat" !

Europe is watching!

Visitors at 7:00AM ---->

To break the existing record they need to play till at least Sunday May 25 - 9:10 am.
Detroit, MI time is GMT -5.

Also watch David's updated photo album.

Read more about the World Record attempt below.


Philippe said...

The signal comes & goes. If you get the color bars, check back later.
And look at the picture album!

Philippe said...

Remember they are in a park, on a baseball field. David, is doing all sorts of acrobatics to hang on to Wifi signals. They're all in World Record mode, so to speak!
Also spoke to Joe. He says everyone is holding up really well. It's just very hot.

Anonymous said...

Good work for petanque yes!

Saito Hashiami
Kobe, Japan

Anonymous said...

Fantastic test of strength my friends. Why not do it again next year with us in Hamburg?

Franke Liebling