April 17, 2008

San Pedro Open

What a day: 66 players plus friends and family, gorgeous weather, and the most unbelievable setting.
Besides 12 teams of LAPC who organized the tournament, five teams drove in from Oakhurst, two each from San Diego and Palm Desert, and one from Fresno.

The final game was one of those wonderful combinations of ages and nationalities you'll find in few sports: the Nguyen family (father, son & grandson) from San Diego vs George, Felix & Artem from LA.

The best way to get a feel for the atmosphere is to watch for yourself:
Slideshow (4:30min with sound)

Guest of the day was journalist Charlie Schroeder who made a report for NPR's radio show "Only a game", to be aired the week before Bastille Day.

A special word of thanks goes to Steve & Dolores, who came up with the idea of San Pedro and made it happen.

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